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Past Performances This Year At The Alchemical


sep 27th 2023

Choreography Lab

Presented by NY THeatre Barn




2023-09 NY Theatre Barn - Choreography Lab at Alchemical.webp

Curated by Avital Asuleen, the program’s 1 Show / 3 Choreographers Lab makes space for 3 choreographers to bring 3 different production numbers from an original musical to life, often for the first time.

The featured musical is The Real Gemma Jordan which has a book by Anna K. Jacobs (Teeth, Pop!)

and music and Lyrics by Rob Rokicki (The Lightning Thief).

The featured choreographers include Arthur Cuadros, Niani Feelings, and Katharine Quinn, and the lab’s moderator is Tony nominee Josh Bergasse (SMASH, On The Town, Gigi, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory).

The lab features performances by Linedy Genao (Bad Cinderella), David Nick Alea, Gina de Pool,

Mary Beth Donahoe, Nigel Jamal Hall, Maya Imani, Carlos Jimenez, Caroline Kane, Erin Kei,

Evan Kinnane, Paris Martino, Bryan Ernesto Menijvar, Jonathan Mousset, Corinne Munsch,

Kaylee Olsen, Tia Petersen, Luke Rands, Ellie Reid, Jordan Simone, Matthew Tiberi, Ahren Victory, and Peter Williams. The company continues its partnership with Full Out Creative who will collaborate with the choreographers to film their pieces live. Tori Crow is the lab’s associate producer.

2023-09 The Moving Frame workshop - Welker White at Alchemical Studios.png

Saturday & Sunday September 23rd-24th


Admission is $325 | Application available here

Maximum 10 participants

For inquiries or for more information,
please contact Welker White at

Reframe your relationship to the camera and deepen the way you work on screen.
This 2-day WORKSHOP de
mystifies the medium, providing actors with foundational knowledge from which to build authentic performances that read on screen.

Utilizing a unique and progressive approach, THE MOVING FRAME immerses actors

in the language and grammar of onscreen stories.

Presented by Welker White and Damian Young of The Moving Frame.

sep 23–24th 2023

Sep 22–23rd 2023

An Evening of Debussy & Ravel

Co-presented by

Village Verein
& Alchemical Studios


Conducted by Ethan Osman

Village Verein is excited to return to Alchemical after a sold-out run of Stravinsky's L'Histoire de Soldat to present an evening of music, light, and poetry at the Alchemical Studios. The evening promises an intimate experience as our audiences explore Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun and Ravel’s Introduction and Allegro through sound, light, poetry, and lecture. 

Drawing from the abstractionist traditions of Kandinsky and Pollock– lighting designer Sarah Woods will present an lightshow and projection map designed specifically for the presentation of Faun.

The program will also include a round-table discussion of the work by the performers, and free absinthe will be served to all ticket-holders to accompany the performances.

Friday September 22nd at 8:30pm

& Saturday September 23rd at 8pm 

Tickets are $23-35 and available here

2023-09 Village Verein Concert at Alchemical Studios .png

Sep 18th 2023


presented by
The Village

The Village returns with another stellar group of artists presenting exciting work-in-progress at SALON 7. Visual and performance artists from around New York City will be debuting their latest creations for YOU. Come to laugh, drink, connect, and support new art!

Our Salons host 10-12 performance and visual artists and are structured in three acts:

ACT 1: The Visual Art Gallery

ACT 2: The Performance Showcase

ACT 3: The Wrap Party


Must be 21 years of age or older to attend. No outside food or drink allowed.


Tickets are limited. If you are unable to purchase a ticket,
please join our waitlist and we will let you know if there is an opening!

Monday, September 18th

Doors open at 6:30pm.

Tickets are $15-50 and available here
or $20 at the door (if still available).

2023-09 I'm In The Village Salon at Alchemical Studios.jpg

sep 19th 2023

Our Respons(Ability)

by Vitalli Havura


North American Premiere.
English language reading of Ukrainian play written in 2022.

2023-09 Our Respons(Ability).jpg

Tuesday September 19th

at 7pm.

Tickets are $10 and available here.

Half of all tickets sales will be
donated to Ukraine Fringe Festival.

JUL 29TH, 2023

Impossible Geometries

Adam Lutz & Kristian de Leon,
with Zachary Mezzo


An intimate performance of electro-acoustic &
ambient music with real-time generative projection




























Combining modular synthesis and generative projections, electronic artists Adam Lutz and Kristian de Leon

present Impossible Geometries, an evening-length presentation of the relationships between shape and sound.

Featuring opening performance by Zachary Mezzo, violin & electronics.

2023-07 Impossible Geometries.jpg

Saturday July 29th at 8pm,

Doors at 7:30pm.

Tickets are $15 and available here.

JUL 27th – 29TH, 2023

L'Histoire du Soldat

Presented by Village Verein


Musical work by Igor Stravinsky


Influenced by vaudeville and circus art, Village Verein presents an immersive, new staging of Stravinsky's, "The Soldier's Tale."


In collaboration with seasoned theatre-maker Curtis Howard, Village Verein is excited to present a new, immersive production of Stavinsky's "The Soldier's Tale" at The Alchemical Theatre.

"The Soldier's Tale" is a theatrical work created to be "read, played and danced." With a tight-knit seven-person on-stage orchestra and actors who simultaneously act and dance the work's plot, "The Soldier's Tale" tells a timeless story of temptation, deceit, and the choice between a promise of riches over a lifetime of love.

Staged in a deconstructed circus big-top within The Alchemical Theate's white-box space, our audience will cross the threshold of watching a performance into being a part of the action.

Thursday – Saturday
July 27 & 28th 
at 7:30pm, and July 29th at 2pm.

Tickets are $20—$35 

plus $10 livestream for the 27th & 28th

and available here.


JUL 20th – 22nd, 2023

Henry V

Presented by
Classics on the Rocks


Written by William Shakespeare

Former playboy Prince Hal has officially taken the throne as King Henry V. But does a crown make a king? 


England is unsettled and political schemes for power run rampant. In an effort to solidify his place in history and step into his own as a leader, Henry is convinced to make a play for France. And so our epic tale of war, friendship, and family legacy begins. 


“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers...”


Join us as we explore one man’s journey to personal discovery and military greatness. Will Henry reconcile the man he was with the man he must become? And who will help him find his way?


Find out July 20, 21, and 22 as Classics on the Rocks presents William Shakespeare’s Henry V.

Henry V Postcard - FINAL.webp

Thursday – Saturday
July 20 - 22nd 
at 7pm.

Tickets are $25 and available here.

June 23–24th, 2023

Shakespeare's Leading Players

presented by
Divine Riot

Macbeth & Lady M & Hermione & Katherine & Cleopatra & Olivia
& Falstaff & Margaret & Edmund & Juliet....


The incredible company members of Divine Riot take on some of Shakespeare's most iconic roles in a high-octane 100 minutes of
exceptional exploration.


An Equity approved showcase!



*Philip Ambrose         *Lee Arden               Mahalet Dejene   

*Phoebe Dunn            *Annie Hägg            *Sarah Himadeh    

*Cassidy Layton         Patrick McAndrew   *Lauren Sowa   

   *Madalyn St.John


*Equity Member appearing with permission of Actors' Equity Association without benefit of an Equity contract in this Off-Off Broadway production


Friday & Saturday, June 23rd & 24th at 7pm

Tickets are $18 online and available here.

June 9–17th, 2023

Rossum's Universal Robots

presented by
The Firebird Project

100 years after its English publication, Karel Čapek’s sci-fi epic is reborn in this sleek, modern, dire retelling.


R.U.R., the play that coined the word “robot,” tells the twisted, tragic tale of humanity’s last day on Earth. This futuristic thriller, exploring the ethics and decision-making behind robotics and artificial intelligence, screams out with relevance in the wake of today’s AI tech revolution, asking why we insist upon creating technology in our own image. 

Written by Karel Čapek
Adapted by Leo Lion
Directed by Zoe Senese-Grossberg and Leo Lion


Cast: Adam Burby, Hendryck Empole, Sophie Falvey,
Neva Gentleman, Isabelle Pflanz, Benny Rendell &  Juli Worth


Produced by Katie Devin Orenstein & Victoria Iris Provost
Stage Manager/Lighting Designer: Thomas M. Pflanz
Costume/FX Designer: Katie Homer-Drummond
Video/Projections Designer: Jonah Verdon
Scenic Designer: Isabelle Pflanz | @firebirdstage

2023-06 Rossum by Firebird Project.png

Fridays, June 9th & 16th at 7pm
Saturdays June 10th & 17th at 2pm
Saturdays June 10th & 17th at 7pm

Tickets are $36 online and available here.

JUN 12th, 2023

The Blue Parts

Presented by
Working THeater


Created by playwright Liba Vaynberg 

and director Dina Vovsi 

Welcome to Brighton Video. What do you need? We have it… or something like it… Oh, you can’t read Russian? Customers aren’t flocking to Marina’s store, but one stormy afternoon, she finds herself sheltering Abdur, a teenager on a mission to save the whales. A familiar and singular story of migration inspired by stories from the communities of Brighton Beach, The Blue Parts examines the lives we lead when we leave the places we call home.

A developmental reading commissioned through Working Theater’s Five Boroughs/One City Initiative, and inspired by stories from the Brighton Beach community.

2023-06 The-Blue-Parts-Poster - Working Theater.png

Monday June 12th at 7pm.

Reservations are free but required,

and available here.

May 22nd, 2023


presented by
The Village

The Village returns with another stellar group of artists presenting exciting work-in-progress at SALON 6. Visual and performance artists from around New York City will be debuting their latest creations for YOU. Come to laugh, drink, connect, and support new art!

Our Salons host 10-12 performance and visual artists and are structured in three acts:

ACT 1: The Visual Art Gallery

ACT 2: The Performance Showcase

ACT 3: The Wrap Party


Must be 21 years of age or older to attend. No outside food or drink allowed.


Tickets are limited. If you are unable to purchase a ticket, please join our waitlist and we will let you know if there is an opening!

2023-05 Salon 6 by The Village.PNG

Monday, May 22nd doors open at 6:30pm

Tickets are $10 online and available here.
or $20 at the door (if still available).

May 21ST, 2023

Molly Jones
Steals Home

by Leslie Bramm
Directed by Saki Kawamura


Leslie Bramm's new play, Molly Jones Steals Home, is a fantasy that explores the themes of self-determination and free will. The play asks the question, "Is the life well lived long enough?"

Molly Jones loves baseball, specifically the NY METS, still she's never been to a real game. This brilliant 9-year-old reads Seneca and dreams of catching baseballs, while sleeping under a canopy of monitors in NY Presbyterian Hospital, being treated for Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Her Make-a-Wish is, of course, a Mets game and she has a ticket, not to just any Mets game, but a sudden death playoff game against the "Braves she hates."

Meanwhile her physician, Dr. Teigen Marshall, has the rare opportunity to administer a new miracle drug, (Fluxamean) but, it must be today, right now, to save Molly's life. The multiple chemo and radiation treatments haven't worked. Molly is getting worse and both she and her Doctor know it's "bottom of the ninth and Casey May be at bat."


Molly does not take this news well and decides to escape the hospital and steal away to the game. With the help of Lance Lane, a burned-out ex-Mets pitcher and Tammy the Toucan, an eccentric hospital clown, Molly sets out on her most unusual odyssey. Meanwhile Dr. Marshall, hospital security, and her disease are just one step behind.

The cast features Shelby Rebecca Wong, Jes Washington, 

Samuel James Pygatt, Kelli Ruttle, Conor Andrew Hall and Matthew Iannone.

2023-05 Molly Jones Steals Home.webp

A Staged Reading

Sunday, May 21st at 7pm

Reservations are available here.

May 12–13th, 2023

Wŭ Wèi
On The Table

presented by
Yangtze Repertory Theatre

Three special presentations of Wu Weia Healing Journey of food stories. 

By Project YZ resident artist Rui Dun.

Team Wu Wei: Anzi DeBenedetto, Rui Dun, Cynthi
a Hu, Wonhee Kim,

Suni M, Eduardo Palacios and Rachel A Zimmerman.

Friday May 12 at 7pm

Saturday May 13 at 3pm & 7pm doors

Currently sold-out.

Waitlist is available half hour prior to each curtain,

subject to availability. Please email Yangtze Rep 

at if you have any questions.

2023-05 Yangtze Rep.png

May 7–8th, 2023

The Kit: Made by Martha

a world premiere reading


Written by Jeanne Dorsey and Directed by Jackson Gay

Developed with support from BECHDEL PROJECT'S year-long ROO Residency, THE KIT: MADE BY MARTHA, written by Jeanne Dorsey and directed by Jackson Gay, explores the life and work of Martha Goddard, inventor of the first standardized rape kit. 


While working a crisis hotline for runaway teenage girls in 1972 Chicago, Goddard ponders the question of how rape could be investigated as a real crime rather than a made-up story. At a time when sexual violence in America was rarely prosecuted, her innovative thinking sets her on a path to create a powerful scientific procedure that could transform criminal forensics and bring justice to countless victims of sexual assault. 

Jeanne Dorsey's play deftly weaves Goddard's obsession with crafting miniatures (like those Goddard saw at the Art Institute) and her journey through the gritty world of sex crimes, the Chicago PD, a surprising alliance with Hugh Hefner's Playboy Foundation, and her own rape later in life which she ironically never reported.


THE KIT: MADE BY MARTHA is a powerful reminder that even when we are flawed and seemingly unremarkable, we are still capable of changing the world.


2023-05 The Kit- Made by Martha, a world premiere reading.png

Sunday, May 7th at 3pm
and Monday May 8th at 7pm

Tickets available here.

THE KIT: MADE BY MARTHA was commissioned by the Ensemble Studio Theatre / Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Science & Technology Project, an initiative designed to stimulate artists to create credible and compelling work exploring the worlds of science and technology and to challenge the existing stereotypes of scientists and engineers in the popular imagination. This reading is presented as part of the 2023 First Light Festival, the EST/Sloan Project's annual presentation of new readings, workshops, and productions.

April 26th, 2023

A Thesis of Who I Think
I am Right Now

A piano & Guitar Concert

created ​by
Henki Skidu


Experimental composer/songwriter/pianist Henki Skidu performs his new original songs (and more) in the magical and intimate Alchemical Studios.

He is joined by the talented guitarist/cellist, Yair Evnine.

Wednesday, April 26th at 8pm

Tickets are $15 and available here.

2023-04 henry koperski (_henkiskidu)].png

April 22–23rd, 2023

2023-04 My Father's Play.webp

My Father's Play

a new musical


Book, Music and lyrics by Neville Grusd | Directed and choreographed by Liz Piccoli (SDC) 
Musical direction by Seth Weinstein | Produced by Gemini Music Co., LLC


Paul finds the script for his late father's underappreciated play and decides to honor his dad by rewriting it as a musical. Comical bickering ensues when Dad reappears and is less than enthusiastic about the adaptation, but the two learn to work together as the play's characters slog through their office jobs, forever on edge about the boss's rumored plans.

(Based on the idea of the play "For Women Must Work" by I.M.Grusd )  

An Equity Showcase Code Production

Saturday, April 22nd at 3pm and 6:30pm
and Sunday April 23rd at 3pm

Apr 22nd, 2023

2023 Shakesday.webp

Mar 18th, 2023

Uplift Screening

Featuring Black Creators


Presented by Black Film Space
& The Video Consortium 


Non-profits Black Film Space and Video Consortium are partnering to feature the works of their members for their first in-person event in 2023! Join us for a night of screenings, networking and discussion.

Two members of each organization will feature Black creatives in film highlighting recent work that celebrates our community and stories in fiction and nonfiction. Black Film Space will provide two narrative short films and Video Consortium will provide two documentary short films. A brief talk and audience Q&A will follow the screenings.


Feb 25th, 2023

Portfolio Sessions

American Photographic artists


Created by APA New York

2023-02-26 APA Studio Session.jpeg

Feb 4–25th, 2023

All They Can See Is
An Old Black Woman
in A Wheelchair




Written by Steve Epstein & Naimah Hassan

Beloved comedic duo, Epstein & Hassan are back. Steve Epstein hits the stage minus the love of his life, Naimah Hassan, who passed in October. But still had the energy to craft this next iteration of their show in her last months. Steve will follow-through to deliver a (still very funny) evening dedicated to their love and legacy as educators and uplifters of the human spirit.

All They Can See Is An Old Black Woman In A Wheelchair.png.png

Saturdays, February 4, 11, 18, 25th at 7:30pm
and returns March 25th forward

Reserve at (212) 242-6216 
or tickets available at the door.

Jan 27–28th, 2023




Written by Skylar Fox & Simon Henriques
Directed by S
kylar Fox

Produced by Nightdrive

A bomb goes off every day in the subway system in the very big city you live in. No one knows what line it’ll be, or when. It’s dangerous, but the subway is still the easiest way to get around town, so…most people do it anyway. People stopped caring after a month or two. Just another inconvenience that might make you late to work. Or class. Or a date. Or that focus group you’ve been doing to make some extra cash.


You can’t believe they still ask you back in for more sessions—it feels like you’ve been going there forever. But the money’s decent, and there are snacks. It’s usually a different group in there every time, but a couple people are starting to look familiar. Maybe you’re just imagining things. But they’re staring at you, too, right?

Society is part play, part participatory focus group, part collective fever dream, presented around a giant conference table. Have some mixed nuts. Circle a number from one to five. This is just the beginning.

2023-01 Society by NightDrive.png

Friday, January 27 at 7:30pm
Saturday, January 28 at 2pm and 7:30pm

All tickets are pay-what-you-want.
We want everyone who wants to
be part of developing our work to be able to.

Availability is very limited.

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