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May 22nd, 2023


presented by
The Village

The Village returns with another stellar group of artists presenting exciting work-in-progress at SALON 6. Visual and performance artists from around New York City will be debuting their latest creations for YOU. Come to laugh, drink, connect, and support new art!

Our Salons host 10-12 performance and visual artists and are structured in three acts:

ACT 1: The Visual Art Gallery

ACT 2: The Performance Showcase

ACT 3: The Wrap Party


Must be 21 years of age or older to attend. No outside food or drink allowed.


Tickets are limited. If you are unable to purchase a ticket, please join our waitlist and we will let you know if there is an opening!

2023-05 Salon 6 by The Village.PNG

Monday, May 22nd doors open at 6:30pm

Tickets are $10 online and available here.
or $20 at the door (if still available).

June 9–17th, 2023

Rossum's Universal Robots

presented by
The Firebird Project

100 years after its English publication, Karel Čapek’s sci-fi epic is reborn in this sleek, modern, dire retelling.


R.U.R., the play that coined the word “robot,” tells the twisted, tragic tale of humanity’s last day on Earth. This futuristic thriller, exploring the ethics and decision-making behind robotics and artificial intelligence, screams out with relevance in the wake of today’s AI tech revolution, asking why we insist upon creating technology in our own image. 

Written by Karel Čapek
Adapted by Leo Lion
Directed by Zoe Senese-Grossberg and Leo Lion


Cast: Adam Burby, Hendryck Empole, Sophie Falvey,
Neva Gentleman, Isabelle Pflanz, Benny Rendell &  Juli Worth


Produced by Katie Devin Orenstein & Victoria Iris Provost
Stage Manager/Lighting Designer: Thomas M. Pflanz
Costume/FX Designer: Katie Homer-Drummond
Video/Projections Designer: Jonah Verdon
Scenic Designer: Isabelle Pflanz | @firebirdstage

2023-06 Rossum by Firebird Project.png

Fridays, June 9th & 16th at 7pm
Saturdays June 10th & 17th at 2pm
Saturdays June 10th & 17th at 7pm

Tickets are $36 online and available here.

FEB 4th – June 24th, 2023

When Your Soulmate Dies




Written by Epstein & Hassan

A performance by legendary comedian Steve Epstein, who honors his late wife and comedy partner, Naimah Hassan, by delivering a new chapter of their timeless wisdom, compassion and humorous ‘BlackJewLove’ commentary on class race, class, sexuality, and grieving. 

Following the death of Steve Epstein’s beloved Naimah Hassan last October and written together by the comedy duo in her final days, When Your Soulmate Dies brings a poignant yet comedic new chapter to the legendary wisdom, compassion, and humor of ‘The Black and the Jew,’ and a culmination of their ‘BlackJewLove’ themes on race, class, and sexuality. Now with a touch of grieving, Epstein (with Hassan by video) gets personal in a heartfelt and funny hour of their classic comedy and socio-political commentary.

“The final year of Naimah’s life spent in nursing homes and hospitals underscored the mistreatment of Black women, highlighting the historic racism by the healthcare industry toward this marginalized group, among all others,” said Epstein. “After 40 years of marriage and as partners in comedy and social justice initiatives, When Your Soulmate Dies is meant to punch and inspire, while bringing levity to a serious subject.”

Theater Scene Review

2023-03 When Your Soulmate Dies.jpg

Saturdays, February 4–25th, March 25–April 29th
and Saturdays June 3,10,17, and 24th
at 7:30pm.

Tickets are $20 and available here
or available at the door.

COVID-19 Audience Policies



We are following the standard state-mandated guidelines as per the Broadway theaters.

You can read the up-to-date policies on the Shubert Organization website at 

Any show in our space may have more stringent guidelines,

but the rules stated at the link are the minimum.

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