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Jan 27–28th, 2023




Written by Skylar Fox & Simon Henriques
Directed by S
kylar Fox

Produced by Nightdrive

A bomb goes off every day in the subway system in the very big city you live in. No one knows what line it’ll be, or when. It’s dangerous, but the subway is still the easiest way to get around town, so…most people do it anyway. People stopped caring after a month or two. Just another inconvenience that might make you late to work. Or class. Or a date. Or that focus group you’ve been doing to make some extra cash.


You can’t believe they still ask you back in for more sessions—it feels like you’ve been going there forever. But the money’s decent, and there are snacks. It’s usually a different group in there every time, but a couple people are starting to look familiar. Maybe you’re just imagining things. But they’re staring at you, too, right?

Society is part play, part participatory focus group, part collective fever dream, presented around a giant conference table. Have some mixed nuts. Circle a number from one to five. This is just the beginning.

2023-01 Society by NightDrive.png

Friday, January 27 at 7:30pm
Saturday, January 28 at 2pm and 7:30pm

All tickets are pay-what-you-want.
We want everyone who wants to
be part of developing our work to be able to.

Availability is very limited.

open run from Feb 4th, 2023

All They Can See Is
An Old Black Woman
In A Wheelchair




Written by Steve Epstein & Naimah Hassan

Beloved comedic duo, Epstein & Hassan are back. Steve Epstein hits the stage minus the love of his life, Naimah Hassan, who passed in October. But still had the energy to craft this next iteration of their show in her last months. Steve will follow-through to deliver a (still very funny) evening dedicated to their love and legacy as educators and uplifters of the human spirit.

All They Can See Is An Old Black Woman In A Wheelchair.png.png

Saturdays, February 4, 11, 18, 24th at 7:30pm
and ongoing

Reserve at (212) 242-6216 
or tickets available at the door.

COVID-19 Audience Policies



We are following the standard state-mandated guidelines as per the Broadway theaters.

Alchemical staff and performers are fully vaccinated.

You can read the up-to-date policies on the Shubert Organization website at 

Any show in our space may have more stringent guidelines,

but the rules stated at the link are the minimum.


More details can be found on individual ticketing links for each show. 

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