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How to Book

Call us at (212) 675-1390. We do not do bookings through email. You can check our availability calendar if you like.
Then always call us re
gardless. Faster, more personal, and perfect accuracy by phone! 


Types of Bookings

Our first mission is to offer affordable rehearsal, workshop, audition & performance space to the theatre community. Secondly, we serve photographers for fashion, beauty, art, headshots & test shoots- and videographers for films, commercials & music videos. No model castings and no parties allowed, sorry.

Set-Up / Breakdown Time

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Please be sure you have booked plenty of set-up and breakdown time. Especially for shoots!
This is respectful to other artists. We book the studios back-to-back. This means you may not be able to enter your studio until right at your booking time. We are on hand to show you where any extra items are for your rental.


At the end of your booking time, there might be another group waiting to walk into a completely empty and clean room. So please plan accordingly to make sure you will be out on time. 

Payment Policy

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable. You must pay for the space at the time of booking.
Payment can be made over the phone by credit card - or in person by credit card, cash or check.

Non-Profit, Student or other Discount Rates

Our rates are for everyone. They are as low as we can make them for the quality and size of the space we are offering.  The only exception is our cheaper SAME DAY RATES for rehearsal booked on the same day.


Covid-19 Audience Policies

We are following the standard state-mandated guidelines as per the Broadway theaters. You can read the up-to-date policies on the Shubert Organization website at Any show in our space may have more stringent guidelines if they choose, but the rules stated at the link are the minimum. More details can be found on individual ticketing links for each show. 

Booking Policies


Although we strongly encourage you to call us to inquire about renting spaces; you'll find some general information below which might help you to plan your rehearsal, shoot, or performance before you book.
We are very friendly, always available by phone (212) 675-1390 and prefer to work closely with you
about the details of your booking to make sure you have the best possible experience. 



What is NOT Allowed in the Space??

• No fitness classes, group yoga workshops, fashion castings or tap dancing (except with approval or on marley floor).   

No messy foods, glitter, small feathers or paint allowed in the spaces (the studios are all white!).    

No excessive noise or yelling that might disturb the other renters. (Ask us if you are uncertain what excessive means.) 

Sorry, we do not allow bookings for small children's classes or rehearsals (liability issue). 

Absolutely no parties or unapproved events with food or drink. That means no "mixers" or loud amplified music.


Because we work very closely with you to arrange your bookings, we expect you to tell us exactly what you will be doing in the studios. If you have any concern about whether or not an aspect of your booking is appropriate for the space, just ask! We reserve the right to shut down a booking at anytime if you do not follow these policies. 
If you damage the space in any way, we will charge you a $250 additional cleaning/repair fee.

How Do I Respect the Space?

Notice that the studios are all white and well-cared for.

Please neatly stack the chairs out of the way against the wall and fold up the tables when you are done.
Try not to move the plants, as they are living creatures and don't like to be moved. However, you may talk to them!

The studios come "as is," and cannot be emptied of their furniture for your booking.
If you see something in any of the other spaces that you would like to use, ask at the office before taking anything.

Anything that you borrowed from the office, do return it at the end of your booking!

Can I Extend My Session?

If there is no one coming in right after you, you may extend your session.
Please let us know if
you might require extra time.
At the beginning of your booking, you can always ask if there's someone directly after you.


Do You Have Photography Equipment?

For rent, we have Photography Lights and a Steamer. Check the Photography Amenities page for details.


Every studio comes with:

• 2 C-Stands                          • Wardrobe Rack                    • Stool                                • 4 ft tables                           • 10+ chairs
• 2 V-Fl
ats (double 8'x4' foamcore, black on one side, white on the other)            • Full-Length Mirror             • Apple Box


Upon request, at no extra charge: Folding Screens, more Tables or Chairs, or Boom Box / Speakers available. 

Is there an Elevator?

Yes! Come on up to the 12th (top) floor.

Additionally there is a freight elevator for larger load-ins. Please let us know in advance if will have a lot of equipment.

The freight elevator guru takes lunch 1-2pm. There is a separate entrance for the freight. 

Is the Space Accessibility Compliant?

Yes! We are thrilled that this new building is ADA compliant and we have built the space to accommodate everyone.

What is the Bathroom Situation?

Our bathrooms have always been gender non-specific. We have two separate dual stall bathrooms, plus a single large bathroom with ADA compliance. They are along the wall where the elevators are, to the left when entering.

Is there a Kitchen?

Yes, we have a full kitchen. If you need access to the kitchen or refrigerator, just ask! No cooking though. 
There are mugs available in the kitchen to get cold or hot water from the cooler.

Is there a Waiting Area?

Yes, there is a lobby, a cafe area down by the kitchen, and hallways with places to sit.

Please respect the other rentals and keep your voices and electronic devices to a minimum volume when in the common areas. There is always concentrated work and often shoots or performances taking place in other studios. 


Try not to show up too early for your bookings or linger directly outside other studios.

Be aware of eating smelly foods; remember not everyone shares your tastes ;-)  We pride ourselves on creating an intimate, respectful environment and only welcome those who do as well (or who are willing to learn!). 


Are there Dressing Rooms?

Not unless booked. Please do not use the bathrooms as a dressing room. You are welcome to use a V-flat or request a folding screen if you need to create a changing area in your studio. If you'd like an additional dressing/make-up room for your shoot, you may rent Studio 6 if you wish, which is designed for this.


*For performances, the dressing room and amenities are provided (Studio 6 or another studio). 

Is Alchemical Equity-Approved? What Insurance Do You Have?

Yes. We have showcase approval; many of our shows include AEA members. 

We have acceptable general liability insurance certification.


If you require further insurance for you show, we recommend Fractured Atlas for affordable insurance. 

Other Questions?

Ask when you call! 

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