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Client Testimonials

“The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory is truly an exception, a rare gem - spacious, stunning, clean, beautifully equipped, a convenient location at an absolutely affordable price - and Gia & Carlo went above and beyond in accommodating our every need for the donor appreciation and production fundraiser event we held at The Alchemical in November. Highly recommended! We will absolutely be back!”

–Sean Hudock, Actor, Producer

“The space & the people are amazing--creative geniuses, societal humanists & artistic visionaries--lets continue this amazing place and support the many incomparable moments to come---book studios, attend performances-- you won't be disappointed.”

–Shell Sheddy, Creative Director at

Lower East Side Archive

“Awesome location, fantastic owners, beautiful, white, clean bright rooms at affordable prices. What more could you ask for? I have hired the beautiful studio spaces at The Alchemical many times. The owners Gia and Carlo are a pleasure to work with. They are very professional, flexible and kind. The rooms are always clean. I would highly recommend The Alchemical to anyone.”

–Fleur Childs, Artist, Owner of
The Artful Bachelorette

"I directed plays that went up here, as well as have had friends who also directed plays in this space. Nothing but a joy to be setting up shop at ATL - everyone is unbelievably friendly and helpful. Your show is in good hands here! We had a successful run thanks to these folks going above and beyond to help us make some art."


Joshua W. Kelley, Director

"It was an all-around pleasure to produce a piece I'd written at The Alchemical. Carlo and Gia are wonderfully responsive, kind, and supportive, and the spaces are beautiful, well-kept, and intimate. They go way above and beyond to provide support to the artists coming through: we were in the best possible hands. I would work at ATL again in a heartbeat (and hope to!)."

–Amanda Keating, Playwright,
Program Associate at Fractured Atlas

“I'm reluctant to say this - as The Alchemical has always been my secret weapon in the fight against high-priced, noisy, poorly lit/located/equipped, Manhattan rehearsal spaces - alas, The Alchemical is simply the best.  I look forward to continuing my work there and (reluctantly) spreading the word about their unique talent, taste, and care for their guests.  They're my go-to home.  Reluctance be damned.” 

–Robert Milazzo, Founder of
The Modern School of Film

“It's not a simple task to get attention from venues in NYC, especially as a young freelance producer. Fortunately the good folks at Alchemical are amazingly helpful and responsive. I cannot stress enough how rare it is to be afforded this sort of courtesy. 


Secondly, and more importantly, they are very flexible and understanding. The business end of theater is always mighty tricky, but Gia & Carlo at Alchemical manage to keep things friendly and relaxed even on the shortest of notices. I will always be grateful for their aid!”

–Zach Perez, Producer

"The Artful Bachelorette has rented space and worked with The Alchemical for over two year and we have a wonderful working relationship. Gia and Carlo are organized, communicative, flexible, accommodating and warm.

The spaces themselves are clean, well stocked with chairs/flats/boxes/lighting/AC and there are some great different spaces to choose from. We recommend this venue to anyone who is looking for a space for an event, to put on a theatre show, photo shoot or anything really."

–Samara Hodgson, Fleur Childs, Artist, 

Co-Owner of The Artful Bachelorette

“I searched the city high & low for a clean, friendly, and professional space to shoot walk-in interviews for an art piece. Finally I came across The Alchemical. I appreciated their mission statement to bring affordable space use to artists and the like. They worked closely with me to ensure that, among the full house they had, my needs were met and my many questions answered. I appreciated their honesty and generosity to help me realize my vision by checking in and setting up chairs in the hallway for the interviewees as they waited. I noticed they gave this same kind of attention and care to others as well. I could not have had such a successful film shoot had it not been for Gia and Carlo. I no longer need to search for the perfect rental space and I look forward to my next visit. I most loyally recommend The Alchemical above any other space out there. You won't be sorry.”

–Donald Graham Hershey, Interdisciplinery Artist

“The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory is a wonderful place - and one of the last truly artistic and spiritually warm places in all of NYC. Carlo and Gia are incredible artist in their own right (their history alone is remarkable; perhaps I am partial because I am such a fan and have been influenced by their ideas as well - the Living Theater, Artaud, etc).

Bottom line: The big apple is gentrified, over-priced - and this has destroyed the arts. It is especially hard for expensive projects and hobbies such as filmmaking and theater. But I want to express my gratitude and thanks to Gia, Carlo, and the entire Alchemical team for providing artists with affordable spaces to rehearse and perform in, for creating a gentle and positive energy (very important for artists!) and for being down-to-earth, easy to talk to, accommodating, and supportive of the people you rent to and deal with. (And thank you for the clean bathrooms!) You guys are great. We consider you comrades and it's nice to be aligned with you.”

–Dennis Leroy Kangalee, Filmmaker, Writer, Poet

“As a playwright who has worked in the theatre for more than fifty years,  it pleases me to say that my three experiences at the Alchemical were very productive and delightful. Two of my plays were rehearsed and presented to an audience there, one of them twice, and they were well attended and performed in a warm and professional setting. ”

–Kenneth H. Brown, Playwright 

"I have been renting and using space at the Alchemical Theatre Laboratory for years and have found it to be a happy & creative home. I love the flexibility of their spaces and am especially crazy about the white room.  The owners are really lovely and always on hand to help with lighting, furniture, A/C etc. A great value in a great location!"

–Rhonda Musak, Acting Coach, Owner of
Art & Soul Acting

”Great location at the Alchemical Theatre Laboratory. Spaces with beautiful natural and artificial lighting, acoustics and floors. The Alchemical is a great place to perform and feel just at home. Highly recommended!!””

–Iralmer Ruiz, Artistic Director at

Shades Dance Company

"Great spaces and, more importantly, amazing people running the show! Never have I felt so welcomed and comfortable booking, using, working, in a NYC rental space. Here is to doubling and tripling in size!"

–Misael Sanchez, Founder of

The International Film Institute of New York


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