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Past Performances At The Alchemical


APR 7–10th, 2022

Girls Who Walked on Glass

a new theater experience

Three young women, three provocative stories.
Walk with them through seven different rooms and multiple corridors as their stories unfold.

"Girls Who Walked on Glass" is a new play in which the audience walks though living rooms, workplaces, bars and restaurants following the lives of three young women as their stories play out in three different sets of fully dramatized, interlocking scenes. This is not a mood piece or an art installation. It is fully-scripted and fully dramatized.

Developed by Tatiana Gelfand

Directed by Kelly Barrett-Gibson

Written by Gordon Farrell

with contributing authors Mollie Heckerling,
Lucy A. Robbins, Rachel X. and Tatiana Gelfand


Produced by Red Productions

2022-04 Girls Who Walked on Glass at Alchemical Studios

Thu Apr 7 – Sun Apr 10 at 8PM    

Fri Apr 8 at 10PM

Sat Apr 9 & Sun Apr 10 at 2PM

The entire 3rd floor

Tix are $38.50 and available here

For ticketing questions or concerns, please contact Red Production Events

APR 15–16th, 2022

Polaroid Stories

a drama by Naomi Iizuka


A visceral blend of classical mythology and real life stories told by street kids, Naomi Iizuka's Polaroid Stories journeys into a dangerous world where myth-making fulfills a fierce need for transcendence, where storytelling has the power to transform a reality in which characters' lives are continually threatened, devalued, and effaced.


Inspired in part by Ovid's "Metamorphoses," the play takes place on an abandoned pier on the outermost edge of a city - a way stop for dreamers, dealers, and desperadoes and a no-man’s land where runaways seek camaraderie, refuge, and escape.
All these stories and lies add up to something like the truth.

Cast/Production Team: Allison Villasenor, Austin Sasser, LJ Brodie, Ana Armenta, Emma Burnett,
Katharine Ariyan, Nia, Spoorti Hegde, Alec Pacheco, Travis Charron, Kerr McKinlay

2022-03 See One Theatre at Alchemical - Polaroid Stories by Naomi Iizuka.jpg

Fri Apr 15 - Sat Apr 16 at 7PM    

Sat Apr 16 at 2PM

The White Box Theatre A - 3rd floor

Tix are $15 and available here.

CONTENT WARNING: Drug use, profanity,
homophobic language/slurs, blood, physical violence


APR 21st, 2022

BFA Showcase 

Baldwin Wallace University

BW’s BFA Acting Program and graduating seniors are proud to present the 2022 BFA Acting Showcase happening live in New York City for the first time.

To receive a video access link to the filmed version of the performance on April 23rd, please RSVP at the link

Featuring the BFA CLASS OF 2022 ACTORS:
Abbie Donnellan, Bobbie Hart, Christie Spessard, 

Daniel Lindstrom, De’Aja Mon’e, Isaac Baumann, 

Jack Brudos, Jasmyn Donya Molaei, Kenzie Rae Hall, Nathan Wasinski, Retta Laumann & Will Savarese.

Thu Apr 21 at 1PM & PM    

The White Box Theatre A - 3rd floor

Guests RSVP here
Industry Professionals, please contact
Kelly Schikowski at

March 11–13th, 2022

Self Tape

A New Play by Daniel Duren
















An award winning new play about the institutions that have allowed violent tendencies to persist within the entertainment industry.

2022-03 Self-Tape.jpg

Fri Mar 11 at 7PM

Sat Mar 12 at 4PM & 7PM

Sun Mar 13 at 4PM

The White Box Theatre A - 3rd floor

Tix are $25 and available here

March 8th, 2022



A collaboration of
Black Women's March
& The Alchemical

An event celebrating Black women’s creativity, work and achievements. There will be many specific events going on between 3PM - 6.30PM in each of the rooms .

Envisioned by Caroline Gombé

Assisted by Gia Lisa Krahne


Jessica Pinkett (dance & spoken word) 3-4:30PM  

Mony Nation (video installation & photo exhibit) 3-6PM 
Lucy Baptiste (exhibit & free portraits) 3-6:30PM 

Black Feminists Matter ("wine down lift up") 4:30-6PM 

Black Voices Matter (Abolition Room) 3-6:30PM 

including a protest sign exhibition and display of the full campaign featuring 174 notable Black women, which BWM is petitioning to be included in the school books. 

International Women's Day Event
by, for & with Black Women


Tues March 8 from 3-6:30PM    

The entire 3rd floor - Studios A, C, D and E


All are welcome to come celebrate Black women!

For My People

A revolutionary evening of theatre, visual arts, music & joy
is a celebration of- and created by, with and for Black women.

The 7pm Stage reading will be followed by a meet & greet - some snacks and champagne, music and a chance to meet more fabulous Black women.


Featuring the writings of Audre Lorde, Assata Shakur, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Ida B. Wells, Anna Julia Cooper, Angela Davis, bell hooks, Michelle Alexander and Margaret Walker. 

Directed by Caroline Gombé

Actors: Alexis Yapo, Ameirah Neal, Caroline Gombé,

Gabbie Jackson, Jes Davis and Kimberly Bernard.

Projections / Montage: The Illuminator

Protest Photography Collage: Lucy Baptiste

Live Filming: Jarrett Robertson

Sound: Jack Holloway
Lights: Alchemical Studios
Stage Manager: Curtis Howard

Tues March 8 at 7PM    

The White Box Theatre A - 3rd floor

Tix are free and available only to (all) Black women here

–as it is our celebration. Seating is limited. 

A collaboration of:
The Illuminator (projections & montage)
Lucy Baptiste (protest photography collage)
Black Chef Movement (refreshments)
Cush Center (gift bags)
& Alchemical Studios (venue)

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