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(Introductory Classes, Sept 16 – Oct 23)


Taught by Carlo Altomare



Objective Acting
The goal of this work is to introduce theatre artists to a vision of the stage where the actor is a primary creative force, capable of composing in real time for an audience.



Meyerhold's movement study for actors: Stringing The Bow


Surrender to Public Scrutiny

The presence of the actor and the complex art of address


Jazz Acting

Micro-narrative performance studies
A new form of non-fictional acting


Scene Study

Working with text, Naturalism and Objective Acting



Enrollment questions:

These classes are dedicated to the understanding of real-time action as the basis of acting, invoking the inner life of the character through physical means, and the exploration of chance operation in the art of acting. The classes will help you discover how physical action connects to the conscious and unconscious mind, and how that experience creates a new vocabulary for the actor of both surrender and deliberate expression. Like the alchemist, the actor separates and identifies the aspects of subjective and objective experience, and recombines them to bring both actor and audience into the immediate moment. 


“A new and meaningful theatre in our time 

begins with re-imagining the art of the actor.”

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