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50 West 17th Street

(between 5th & 6th Aves)

12th floor

New York, NY 10011



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We are located on the cusp of Chelsea and the West Village in downtown Manhattan, just west of Union Square. 


50 West 17th Street between 5th and 6th Aves.

Accessible by all major subway lines: F/M, L, N/R/Q, 4/5/6, 1/2/3, A/C/E, train to 14th St / L train to 6th Ave / PATH trains to 14th St.

F/M or L train to 14th St & Sixth Ave – lets you off right here. Walk up Sixth Ave and turn right on 17th St. ----

N/R/Q or 4/5/6 train to Union Square – walk 1.5 blocks west along 17th St. 

1/2/3 to 14th St arrive at 14th and 7th Ave – walk 3 blocks north, turn right on 17th St and walk 1.5 block east.

A/C/E to 14th St take you to 14th and 8th Ave – walk 3 blocks north, turn right on 17th St and walk 2.5 blocks east.

This is the furthest option, with a longer walk.

There are parking garages nearby and street parking can often be found. Parking is free on 14th St only on Sundays. Otherwise you have to feed the meter every hour and the traffic cops are strict. 

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