Brooklyn For Black Lives (BK4BLOrganizing) 
Establishing & stocking community fridges, doing youth events, school supplies & clothing drives, community clean-ups and education. Our very own Jes Davis, who is part of Alchemical staff, is the founder & lead organizer. 
       : @BK4BL 

Black Women's March - 

Black Women’s March is a coalition of Black women that have teamed up to uplift, protect and fight for Black women. Born out of the 2020 Black Lives Matter uprising. Their initiatives focus on community service- clothing, school supplies & holiday drives, street protests, art, and feeding the people. 
        : @BlackWomxnsMarch 

For Our Liberation
Running a free community store in Red Hook, and involved in various activist actions & community service. With an emphasis on education and protection.
      : @ForOurLiberation 

Trans Asylias

Protecting, housing & caring for trans asylum seekers. Working towards trans friendly territories & transmitting emotional support.
       : @trans_asylias

Bridges 4 Life

        : @Bridges4Life

• The Stonewall Protests - 

Focusing on Black Trans Liberation in the fight for Black lives. Mutual aid & street actions.
      : @TheStonewallProtests

• Black Lives Matter NYC - America On Trial -    

A call for supplies represents a decentralized group of activists educating NYC and protesting daily- money goes to supplies, food & education materials.

Black Lives Matter - Greater New York - 
      : @BLMGreaterNY

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National Bail Out Fund
ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union
NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund

And lastly, please buy from black-owned and local businesses.
You know what to do! 



Photo of dancer Jessica Pinkett
of Alvin Ailey

by Nicki Bosch