To our dear artists, clients & friends: 


We have been working very hard to get loans & funding to be here for you longterm once all of this is over. It’s going well! 
But in addition, we need RENT FORGIVENESS from the government. 


PLEASE take 5 mins to schedule emails to send this Monday May 11th on behalf of Alchemical Studios,
all arts venues, studios and NYC small business affected by COVID-19,
to have a fighting chance to sustain through this crisis period.



We currently have 50+ venues in an emergency coalition of independent theatres who have been meeting weekly on Zoom and sharing resources since this pandemic hit us in March. We are all sending this action out to our supporters to flood representatives' offices this Monday. 

Thank you in advance for your time and continued loyalty....we are incredibly grateful to have our community now more than ever.


With Love & Solidarity,

Gia, Carlo and the Alchemical Staff (Katarina, Nancy, Kiana, Cyrus & Nora)





Step #1) Send email en masse (template below, or write your own!) to gov't officials on Monday May 11, 2020 at 9am Eastern time (can schedule in advance)

(BE SURE TO add your name in the 2 places it says <FILL IN YOUR NAME HERE>),
then copy & paste into a single email with all the contacts BCC’ed
scheduled to send Monday May 11th at 9AM:


Dear Elected Official,


My name is <FILL IN YOUR NAME HERE> and I am writing to you as a concerned citizen in regards to the long term impact of COVID-19 on New York City's arts and cultural community & venues.


NYC is not possible without its artists, and when small arts venues go, we also lose the cafes, bars and other small businesses surrounding them that allow our neighborhoods to thrive. These venues will be vital to the economic recovery needed in the months and years to come following this crisis. 


New York MUST provide small arts venues Rent Forgiveness for the time frame of this public health crisis—not deferment, but FULL Rent Forgiveness. Once the moratorium on evictions is lifted, they will face the dilemma of having to come up with 6 months rent. The landlords also need the attention and advocacy of our elected leaders to solve this problem as soon as possible. 


Arts and Entertainment were the first industries to be affected and will be the last ones to re-open. Therefore, I am writing to you today to implore you to advocate for rent and mortgage forgiveness for these vulnerable spaces for the duration of shutdown so they can have a fighting chance.


One such venue, Alchemical Studios located at 104 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011, is a community I am a part of that is currently in danger. They are rehearsal & photography studios and performance venues on 3 floors on the cusp of Chelsea & the West Village. They serve hundreds of local and international artists every week, who depend on their studios for affordable, beautiful spaces to create their work in. Artists and audiences alike will be the first to tell you they need us. 


Even in the best of times, Broadway and Off-Broadway depend on Alchemical’s services as an important partner to their mission and business models. But especially in the coming time when the larger theatres will not be able to meet the altered reality of public assembly until the pandemic is really resolved. And the smaller theatres will be important in sustaining the theatre world which employs so many people directly, but also affects the peripheral economies of tourism, restaurants, hotels, and other services connected to a vital theatre business in NYC. 

The Alchemical and businesses like them employ thousands of people in NYC, and serve many thousands more.  While they may not be “essential” to the time of the pandemic, the closing of their businesses will have a considerable negative economic impact on NYC when the pandemic is over.


We are asking you to please advocate for full rent forgiveness for our small theater and arts venues, including performance and rehearsal spaces. And to consider giving the landlords substantial incentive to forgive our rent during this time. Rent is their biggest expense by far, and solving that alone will guarantee the survival of Alchemical Studios and businesses like theirs.


Thanks for your considered attention to solving this problem. My hope is you do the right thing for the citizens that make the fabric of New York City vibrant like no other place in the world.


With Gratitude,



Step #2)  Copy & paste this list of addresses into the BCC email address:



Step #3)  You can also tweet to representatives if you know how! And contact our district congressman through the form below –

Federal Representatives:

  • Senator Charles “Chuck” Schumer – Twitter: @SenSchumer

  • Senator Kirsten Gillibrand  – Twitter: @SenGillibrand

  • NY Congressman Jerrold Nadler (10th District – Manhattan & Brooklyn)
    Email:  (enter zip Code: 10011-7331)
    Twitter: @RepJerryNadler


State Representatives:

  • NY Governor Andrew Cuomo – Twitter: @NYGovCuomo


The Purpose of all this is to ask for rent and mortgage forgiveness for small businesses.
Arts and event spaces will be THE LAST TO REOPEN and will suffer longest term impact.
The purpose is to advocate for all.


Thank you so much!!!!
We hope to see you soon as possible & make more beautiful art!! 

May 11th Action Event - Group.png