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March 12, 2018

The question is not so much how to make a political theatre, since the theatre is intrinsically a political form; but rather how to bring the theatre into its own time. What do we need from the theatre. Don’t we need a theatre which shatters illusions instead of creating them? (Though I agree with Julian Beck when he calls for the “Imagination As The Survival Kit Of The Brain”). We are in great need of reality in our time. WE WANT WHAT IS REAL — WE WANT WHAT IS REAL — DON’T DECEIVE US — DON’T DECEIVE US (Hopi song).

If there is any meaning in the discovery that theatre has its origins in ritual forms, it is that the theatre serves a function in the community. That function needs to be defined in terms of the needs of the specific community that each theatre develops within. If an ancient culture utilized the theatre to give form and dimension to its religious ideas, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the essential function of the theatre in all cultures should be religious. Mythology se...

August 29, 2016

This is a class about the actor’s art. The velocities of appearance. As in the speed of light. About the terms of engagement with the public. About the difference between being and the deliberateness of action and performance.  About the triangulations between your intention, your body, a surrender to public scrutiny, and how that transforms you into a living work of art.

It’s about discipline, control, and the cyclical release of that control and coming back to it in different rhythms and astonishing yourself in that discovery. It’s about saying to the audience, relentlessly, “Now, I do this.  – To show you this”.  A communion of reciprocity with the public’s perception and experience.  A measure taken at every moment with them and with yourself. To show them what the essential meaning of the art can be.

This is not the “craft”.  (A word also attributed to witchcraft and casting spells, or building a table or chair).  It is the art of acting.  To become that work of art, so th...

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August 29, 2016

August 14, 2016

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